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Author: Becca


The End of the Rainbow

What happens when you find the end of the rainbow? Is there a pot of gold? A leprechaun in a green hat? A unicorn wearing a feather boa? Whatever you find at the end of your rainbow, I’m sure it will be magical.


Dark Missions

This piece was done with watercolour pencil crayons. It was inspired by the book “The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim” by Shane Peacock.


Nature’s Technology

While walking through the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine park and admiring the immaculate beauty of all the plants and flowers we noticed several leopard frogs. This one was sitting comfortably on a lily pad in the middle of the fountain. No one around us had the...

in europe turkey aspendos the old bridge near the river and nature

I’m Not a Myrmidon

A story to confound all love stories, all stories about freedom of thought and straying from the herd. What it’s really about is up to you…


Book Review: Magonia

Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley My rating for this book: 5 stars out of 5 The writing style that the author used for this book is so effective. It demonstrates the thought process of the characters and transports you into the world of Magonia. I found the storyline...


Amphibian Friend

Nature is such a marvel and when we are given the chance to get so close to it, things are so magical…This leopard frog is just a tiny slice of what nature has to offer. Let’s all take a moment and appreciate nature’s beauty.


The Quest Begins

After surveying the books in my room I came up with this short little poem. It’s meaning can be found in the eye of the reader.


A spider in the garden

As I admired our beautiful garden the other day, we came across a rather peculiar sight. This unique spider had found it’s way into the garden and was perched quite happily on one of the plants. What a perfect time to grab a quick snapshot of him before...

Yellow Dandelion Flowers.

A Wish Never Lies

Making a wish by blowing on a dandelion may be childish, but you are never too old to make a wish.


My Wish

A dandelion may not be a beautiful tulip showing that Spring is near, or a rose blossoming in a bouquet, in fact you may go as far as to describe the dandelion as a weed. But it has other beauty – a hidden beauty, if you will. The...