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Spider-librarians, Spider-librarians, Do whatever spider-librarians do. Spinning webs, catching crooks Did you know, they read books? Hello, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-librarian here. Guess what movie I just saw?  I’ll give you a hint:  It begins with ‘spider’ and ends with ‘homecoming.’  So if you guessed Spider-man:  Homecoming you’d...


YA Novel Haikus

The Sir William Stephenson Youth Advisory Council put pen to paper and came up with some haiku poems based on some of their favourite books. “Phantom Limbs” by Paula Garner haven’t read this yet but the cover’s pretty so I guess I will – Hannah     “Hunter”...


The Distance Between Us

By Drew Growing up can be scary. It is even more intimidating when you are dealing with a mental illness. As a teen living with depression, certain moments in my life have felt overwhelming and even unbearable. One way I like to help myself calm down is through...

ACI 2017 lead_image_img_54

ACI Creative Writing Mentorship 2017 – Notes from the Squibblers Guild

by Steve Locke Between school and sports, friends, part-time jobs and extra-curricular activities, it’s often hard for creative youth to find the time to seriously pursue their craft. Luckily, each year ACI Manitoba and the Winnipeg Public Library team up to organize a creative writing group for youth...


Throwback Thursday!

by Ashlin D. Have you ever noticed how we criticize the fashions and ways of the recent past relentlessly, but within a few more years adore them once again? No? Just think back to the early 2000s. Yeah, many of us are not proud of our fashion choices,...


Your Post Comic Con Fandom Survival Guide

by Laura, So, what do I do now? Your post-C4 fandom survival guide Halloween has come and gone, another C4 (Central Canada Comic Con) is in the history books. Sure, you may have your many varied purchases splayed out around you, your room may be filled with various...