City of Winnipeg | Libraries

Author: Mikayla


From Underneath

I play basketball and I never really looked at the basket from this angle before. I like the fact that this photo turns something ordinary into a unique perspective.



This photo was created using a glass bowl, water, plastic wrap, and little sequins. The water drops take the focus and project little images of what is underneath the plastic wrap. This was my first time doing this and it turned out pretty well!



Usually when I photograph flowers they have several imperfections and I realized that this one is almost perfect. I love the layers of petals and the deep red pigment of the flower.


For Creativity

I really love this photo because it shows the many colours in the painting palette. The sections are not perfect like when it was first bought which is one of my favourite aspects of this photo, it reminds me of the imperfections and how it was used to...


The Unbeautifully Beautiful

This photo always sends chills down my spine because it has the deathly vibe with the black and the way it looks like it’s falling apart. Although it can be thought of as repugnant I see this beauty and the rare qualities it possesses.


Architecture At Its Finest

This photo was taken at the Human Rights museum and I just really dig the the architectural ideas used in the construction of the building. This photo really shows how many layers there were and the unique walkways.


Time Stops

Water travels so fast but once it slows down you can see and appreciate each and every drop. This picture is one of my favourites because it captures the fountain and the waters movements.


Hidden beauty

Within the flower garden at Assiniboine park, I caught a glimpse of these unique flowers hiding behind many other plants!



I love this photo because the vintage bike still has the vibrant feel to it. With the basket in the front to hold some beautiful flowers it makes this picture come together very nicely.