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Author: rnkirf


Happy Birthday Violin

I highly enjoy painting and my sister really enjoys playing the violin. Since her birthday was coming up soon, I decided to use one of my spare canvases to paint part of a violin and part of a “Happy Birthday” music sheet. This is my first attempt at...


Mickey Mouse

As a child, you enjoy watching cartoon shows on TV. Mickey Mouse has been a childhood favorite among generations. There are books about Mickey Mouse for little ones to read. This is what led me to paint Mickey Mouse, however, with the theme as sorrow.


Fairy Tale Path

While in Banff, we went sightseeing and walked up and down very cool paths and stairways. The angle of the sun shining on the pathway looked cool, so I snapped this picture.


Heart Hands

I took this picture because I was challenged to use some photography techniques, such as composition rules.



I made this piece of art using pastels. I was inspired to do so because I liked how the shapes gave the art an abstract/glass painted window look. And with the cross above the word, “Hope,” it signifies that we should always have hope.


Cat Drinking

I’m into photography, so I snapped this picture of a beautiful, yet old, cat drinking from a water bowl.


Light Writing

I was challenged to do light writing for photography. So I put my photography skills to use and used lighting techniques to make this design in a pitch black background.


Lamp Shade

I took this picture because I really liked the angle and how ‘antique’ the lamp looks.



I took this picture while hiking on a trail. The angle of the lighting and how the trees were angled in such a way that it was perfect for a picture. I really like how the trees seem to ‘reach’ to the sky.