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We, The Candle Lighters

It is rare that I write down my poems in the moment when inspiration hits. I wrote this quite quickly, but unlike poems I edit and spend time rethinking, this spur of the moment, automatically written poem holds actual meaning. It’s a look inside my mind when I realized that the time was an hour earlier than I thought, contemplating how to spend it, within the first aforesaid minute. I hope it makes sense to more than myself.

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Growing up with Archie

by Stephen, Growing up, I always enjoyed reading comic books. I wasn’t obsessed with them like some of my friends were, but at our house, we always had comic books lying around. Of all the different titles available, Archie comics were by far my favourite. In fact, seemingly...

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Must-See Holiday Classics

By Robin “I don’t know what to say, but its Christmas, and we’re all in misery.” — National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 1989. As a child, Christmastime, was anything but miserable for me. My two-week vacation from school was spent listening to my parents’ Christmas LPs (I’m dating myself),...


Book Review: Eye of Minds

Eye of Minds by James Dashner My rating for this book: 5 stars out of 5 If you’re looking for an unsual plot twist, this book is perfect. Three gamers find their way to stop another gamer from stealing bodies. This book is great for people who don’t...

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Winter Wonderland at the Winnipeg Public Library

By Irina Znamirowski December is here — meaning it’s time to get pumped for the holidays! Regardless of what you celebrate, this time of year just feels extra special, and school is coming to an end! In just 2 weeks we will all be out of school, and have a well deserved, hopefully...

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Books to Binge Read!

By Julianna With the snow finally here and temperatures dropping, it can be very uninviting out there. What better time to stay inside and curl up with a great series and binge read? Binge reading can be a positive thing in the right doses. It’s exciting to follow...