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Books about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, and Queer characters and issues. A bit of fun, friendship, romance, how-to and thriller can be found here.



Fan of imaginary worlds, supernatural elements, and magical creatures? These reads are for you!


We, The Candle Lighters

It is rare that I write down my poems in the moment when inspiration hits. I wrote this quite quickly, but unlike poems I edit and spend time rethinking, this spur of the moment, automatically written poem holds actual meaning. It’s a look inside my mind when I realized that the time was an hour earlier than I thought, contemplating how to spend it, within the first aforesaid minute. I hope it makes sense to more than myself.


Free Your Mind

  By Lori More and more, the choices we make are based on what we’ve done before. If you watch a YouTube video on kittens going parachuting, you’ll get a whole list of similar video recommendations. It’s the same thing on Netflix, Amazon and a whole bunch of...

pop art cute retro woman in comics style with message, vector illustration

Growing up with Archie

by Stephen, Growing up, I always enjoyed reading comic books. I wasn’t obsessed with them like some of my friends were, but at our house, we always had comic books lying around. Of all the different titles available, Archie comics were by far my favourite. In fact, seemingly...