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4 Standalones to Read in 2016

by Victoria,

If you’re like me, then you love books, but don’t always have the time to read all the books you want to. What with school, work, and responsibilities at home, your schedule is pretty busy. Starting a book that’s first in a series often requires commitment, and with your busy lives, you guys just don’t have time. That’s why I’ve got a list of great books that can be read all by themselves. These standalone novels are sure to satisfy that reading itch on your back, and still make sure that you have enough time to do your homework.

SoundlessSoundless by Richelle Mead

If you haven’t heard of Richelle Mead and her Vampire Academy novels, you need to fix that stat. With her signature style, she weaves an intricate story about Fei, and her little village where everyone is deaf. The surrounding countryside is rocky and hard to maneuver so she and her neighbours are stuck, relying solely on a zipline for food and supplies. “Until one night, Fei is awoken by a searing noise. Sound becomes her weapon.”

The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry

Time travel? Yes please! Natalie is having a great summer, until she starts to see things; things that are different than they are supposed to be. A door changes colour, just for a moment, and then suddenly her home disappears into rolling hills for hours, and she knows something is not right. It’s got romance, it’s got intrigue, and did I mention time travel?

we are antsWe are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

Henry is struggling to live a normal life with a brother who has a pregnant girlfriend, a chain-smoking mother, a grandmother with Alzheimer’s, and a boyfriend who committed suicide – all while trying to figure out why aliens abducted him when he was thirteen, and continue to abduct him. They tell him the world is going to end, and he’s the only one who can save it. But is it even worth saving? Capturing that hopelessness and hope we’ve all felt at one time or another, Hutchinson shares a story that’s both dark and funny.

the golden braidThe Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson

A new take on the classic Rapunzel story, where Rapunzel can throw knives, paint and sing even the most fearsome beasts to sleep. But what she really wants to do is learn to read, and marry – two things she’s afraid her distrusting mother will never allow. Her mother decides to move again, and during the treacherous journey, not only is Rapunzel saved by a handsome knight, but she also saves him. But secrets are about to be revealed, and she has to decide if it’s time she took her destiny into her own hands.


Believe me, there are plenty more that are being published, but these are just to give you a taste of what’s to come in 2016. Enjoy (I know I will)!


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