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Four Glorious Months of Wordplay!

Hello, teens! If you were part of this year’s Tuesday evening writing club, hosted by our very own Winnipeg Public Library, then you already know about our savoury mini-quiches, and the meaning of “brain vomit.” But for those who were not part of the group, here’s the scoop.

Each year, ACI (Arts and Cultural Industries Association) Manitoba puts out a call for writers between the ages of 16 and 19 interested in taking part in a group creative writing mentorship program.
Details here: The program is free. To participate you need only fill out an application and have a teacher or another adult (not a parent) nominate you.

This year seven writers took part. Every second Tuesday from February 7 until May 1 we shared words, writing news, jokes, joys, pains and awesome snacks (Did I mention the mini quiches?). We also appreciated wisdoms imparted by our guest authors: Duncan Thornton, Bob Armstrong, GMB Chomichuk, Chandra Mayor and Al Rae. It was such a treat to learn of their “writer journeys,” and to see that just as they pursued and achieved their dreams, so can we.

At the end of the program we gathered for a public reading in the Millennium Library Aboriginal Reading-in-the-Round where each teen read their stories, poems and plays, and were then presented with a keepsake T-shirt, certificate, and two copies of an anthology created from these works.

I said I would explain the brain vomit, but here’s the thing: I write fiction for a living, which means I tell lies. I tease (Even though it’s true! Sort of…). If you feel you must know, or would like to improve your writing skills while learning about careers in the writing and publishing industry, then join us next year! Email the program coordinator, Talia Pura to get your name on the list.

Hope to see you next year!

— Anita Daher

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