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Get What You Need

Lately I’ve had this really old song by the Rolling Stones called You Can’t Always Get Want You Want  running through my head, especially the line “You’ll get what you need”, which became the inspiration for this blog. Earworms, they’re not just a nuisance after all.

The library has all of the traditional  stuff you already know about – books and other print materials like newspapers and magazines, dvds and blu-rays, music cds and video games.  So far, so good, and all of these things will sometimes be what you want and what you need. But what about those times when you need something else? Or when you need something right away and you can’t get to the library? No worries, we’ve got you covered.



Need something to read? Take a look at Overdrive, the quick and easy way to download books anytime, anyplace. There’s even a Teen section! And you don’t have to worry about overdue fines, ’cause with Overdrive there are no overdues, ever. Love magazines? Look no further than Zinio and Flipster, with a ton of titles to choose from. You’ll always be able to get the most recent issue available, and it’s guaranteed not to have any perfume samples. If you prefer newspapers then check out Pressreader  for the latest sports scores and worldwide events. Want to listen to some new music or check out a movie or tv show? Hoopla provides streaming music, movies and audio books for those times when all you want to do is sit back and listen. Not to mention that all of this stuff is completely FREE!!

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Want to find a summer job or learn a new skill? Need some help with that final homework assignment? WPL to the rescue once again! Check out the handy Info Guides and Databases on the library homepage. The Info Guides have links to trusted online sources and websites like Youth Employment Services to show you where to look for work and help you polish your resume before you apply for a job. If you want to find out more about computer programming, 3 D animation, photography or so many more subjects then go to and let the learning commence. The website  is set up so that you go at your own pace, whenever and wherever you have time. Want to wow your French teacher in September? Looking to learn some Spanish or improve your English? The Mango language learning program will help you  to do that.


Sadly, it’s still true that you can’t always get what you want. But using the great online resources from the library will get you what you want and what you need more often than not. Now, on to my next topic: Earworms: Friend or Foe?



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