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Great Reads to Help You Fall Head Over Heels Into Valentine’s Day

by Bronwyn B.,

While trying to think of a topic, I realized that this blogpost was going to go live just before Valentine’s Day. So, of course I decided to give some suggestions of books to inspire romantic acts, add to your list of fictional boyfriends/ girlfriends, or simply get you into the mood for some Valentine’s Festivities. 

all these thingsFirst up, my all time favourite romance from a book: The Birthright Trilogy by Gabrielle Zevin. The first book is All These Things I’ve Done. If you’re into dystopian books, chocolate, or the mafia you are sure to like this book. It’s beautifully written, with great lessons and believable, relatable characters. Not only do I love the romance in this novel, but it has the best ending ever! This trilogy focuses on Anya, a teenage girl who, after her father’s death, helps orchestrate her family’s black-market chocolate-making. What makes this romance so great is that both of the characters are likable but not unbelievably perfect. Their romance, like them, has problems, but second chances and fixing those problems makes it work.

clockwork angelNext is another perfectly and beautifully written trilogy, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. If you like any other novels by Cassandra Clare, you must read these! The story takes places in England during the late 1870s and follows the life of Tessa, William and James. The books have historical elements, fantasy and demons, and completely developed characters, whether they are primary or secondary characters. Why is the romance so great that it makes this list? Well, although the romance is an important part of the book it’s not the sole focus, which means it never gets tiring! Yes, it’s a love triangle, but don’t let that stop you from reading it. The love triangle is done so well that it completely works. The romance is sweet and fresh, and you won’t be able to help swooning as you read. 

the selectionOf course this list wouldn’t be complete without the Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass. If you like the Hunger Games or the Bachelor, you’re sure to love this trilogy. The trilogy surrounds a girl named America, who lives in a dystopian United States. Despite what she wants, she manages to be a part of the selection, where the Prince has to choose one bride out of the 35 girls chosen for the Selection. The thing that makes this book so good, is that the characters are interesting. They aren’t perfect, but they aren’t terrible, and they try their best to do the right thing. This story also contains a love triangle, but again a really good one. You never know who America or Prince Maxom is going to pick, and the reader will be surprised by everything that happens in the book.  The romance is completely flawed for all three of the main characters, but they all work to try to have a successful romance, and I think that is what makes it such a good story.


What titles would you suggest for someone looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day read? Or maybe you’ve got some great Anti-Valentine’s books up your sleeve! Let us know in the comments below.

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