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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

What a week for Harry Potter fans! Both J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter himself will celebrate their birthdays this Sunday, July 31. But, before that Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg will be flooded with Harry Potter fans of ALL ages! It’s been nearly 20 years since the first book in the ever-popular series was released – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997. And, nearly 10 years since the 7th and final (or, so we thought) book in the series was released – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007.

hpandthecursed childWell, lo and behold the 8th installment in this series will be released at midnight on July 31. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is based on an original new story by Jack Thorne, J. K. Rowling and Jack Tiffany. The story is set nineteen years after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and follows Harry Potter, now a Ministry of Magic employee, and his younger son Albus Severus Potter. The library has lots of copies on order and will hit our shelves asap after the release. And if you don’t want to place a hold be sure to come into any one of our branches and see if you can get your hands on an express copy of the book.

If you are planning on checking out the Harry Potter part at Assinboine Park you can read more about what they’ve got planned here:

In the meantime, to help fill your Harry Potter hunger we’ve asked our Youth Advisory Council members to share a few thoughts and reminisce about this amazing series.

Feel free to comment below and let us know your answers to these 4 questions!

Favourite Harry Potter book and why?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, because Harry has to cope with dreams (PTSD from Goblet of Fire), and the connection with Voldemort, and Harry and Cho’s relationship was cute. The DA (Dumbledore’s Army) was also great.  – Rylee

Order the Phoenix because of all the action. – Russell

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, because there are so many plot twists, you really have to pay attention. You’re always on the edge of your seat.  – Hannah

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – because it leaves the reader guessing the Prince’s identity until the closing chapter, and gave a unique plot twist to the series that deviated slightly from traditional Harry strife. -Libby

The Half Blood Prince because it was a really good segway from the other novels prior that kind of introduced the enmity of Voldemort, into the climax of the series. – Sachini

Who would have been your bff at Hogwarts?

Hermione Granger because we are similar.  – Rylee

Ron Weasley because he was just an average kid that would be fun to hang out with.  – Russell

Ron Weasley – Amy

My bff at Hogwarts would have been Hermione because we have a lot in common, such as wanting to do more than the day allows. – Hannah

Hermione Granger (study buddy!) – Libby

I feel like Hermione would’ve been my bff at Hogwarts because we’re both nerds and we love books. – Sachini

Recall your best Harry Potter memory.

When I dressed up as Hermione for Halloween. – Rylee

Staying up late reading the series over and over again. – Russell

Going to Universal Studios in Florida, and seeing Hogwarts because it looked so real. – Amy

The time it was Harry Potter day at my school, I went all out and looked like an idiot because I was the only one who dressed up. – Hannah

Finishing the series, and immediately calling my friend who had insisted I read them originally (and whose novels I had borrowed) and SOBBING over the ending to her in order to debrief from the whole experience. – Libby

My favourite Harry Potter moment would be when we had a Harry Potter themed party in Grade 6.- Sachini

Describe the Harry Potter series in 3 words or less!

Magical!  – Rylee

Magic, Friendship, Loyalty. – Russell

Magical, Whimsical, Limitless .- Amy

Action packed fun! – Hannah

Everyone should experience.- Libby

Magical, Sublime, and Suspenseful. – Sachini



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