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Throwback Thursday!

by Ashlin D.

Have you ever noticed how we criticize the fashions and ways of the recent past relentlessly, but within a few more years adore them once again? No? Just think back to the early 2000s. Yeah, many of us are not proud of our fashion choices, or can’t believe how much the iPod has changed. Now think kidsreacttofirstipodabout the vintage fashion you adore from the 40s, 60s, or 80s. Of course there were some cringe-worthy items then too, but oh, how we idolize the various aesthetics of these times!

This fascination with the past is reflected in the TV shows and books we immerse ourselves in, as well. Who doesn’t love a throwback? It really changes how you picture that story in your mind, just given the fact that it occurred during a certain decade.


It’s fair to say that most of us have heard of Stranger Things, the newest Netflix hit! Of course, it is set in the 80s, and very well too. The show’s depiction of this time was applauded by both those who have and have not lived through the 80s- for being very accurate and nostalgic, and for giving youth a glimpse into the past.

 lovelybonesThe Lovely Bones, from the Adult Collection, is a book set throughout the 1970s-80s, is a fantastic read! Although it’s setting has little to do with the story, it makes a world of difference in our minds. Not only do we picture the style differently, but we also are led to question the events and actions of the characters in this context. For instance, one character suspects herself of being on the LGBT spectrum, which would be much more difficult for her in the 1970s than today.

Sure, learning about past times is always interesting, but you don’t see anyone dressed in a getup from the 1700s! So, what is it that we love so much about the more recent past? Perhaps we owe it to the older generations who lived through these times, and the desire to experience what they did. What was going on here on earth before we even existed?

Once we have reclaimed the trends, everyone wants a taste! Those who see others reviving it will, even if not for the nostalgia, but simply discovering the styles for the first time fall in love, as more and more people discover it.

It seems as though the further back we go, the less accurate we get, and the less we realize how there were downfalls as there are with all fashion movements. We associate the 1940s and 50s with giant poodle skirt, or whatever we see on Grease, without notice of the diverse styles there always were! There are aesthetic blunders, and practical downfalls as well. I’ve never worn a corset, but it’s safe to assume an extremely low comfort level…

decadesoffashionFor unknown cause, I’ve always been into fashion and trying new styles (by which I mean many regrettable fashion choices in elementary school)! I am now guilty of loving everything vintage. This summer I took out several books from the library, and learned the causes and context behind various fashion movements. One particular book, including many excellent pictures, is Decades of Fashion. If you think you may be interested, be sure to swing by your nearest library to check out Decades of Fashion, The Lovely Bones, or any other books you’d like!

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