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Why Morgan Rhodes is an Amazing Author

Falling Kingdom

By Sydney C.

The author of The Falling Kingdoms Series, Morgan Rhodes, is an excellent writer for many reasons. Firstly, the way she writes the characters in this series is amazing. First of all, she is very smart about how she can add the feelings and the thoughts of characters without them saying it out loud. What Morgan Rhodes does is she makes every chapter written from a different character’s point of view. This is a great technique and makes the story more interesting to read. This also helps the reader get more Intel about what’s going on without a narrator doing it. Also, the way this book is written shows that there is more than on main character. Originally, starting from the first book in this series, I would have thought that Cleo was the main character. Surprisingly, since there is more than one perspective in this book, this means the author can have multiple things going on all around where this story takes place. This means there can be more than one main character because every one of the people in this story gets the spotlight when they are in a certain situation. Lastly, Morgan Rhodes puts in such beautiful quotes in her writing. These quotes are very inspirational, and some of them even make you think. One of my personal favourites is, “If every mortal looks at others as their friends, not as their enemies, the world would be a much better place, wouldn’t it?”-Morgan Rhodes.  This is my favourite because I find it is true.

I would recommend people to buy and read this series. I would because it is such a great story and has many twists. The plot to this series is absolutely amazing and there is another book coming out soon so it is a great story to get hooked on. It is so detailed that you won’t be able to put it down! I would suggest that people of ages ten and up should read this series because some of the vocabulary is harder than your average book. I’ve had to Google some words here and there to see what the characters were saying. I find that the bigger vocabulary leads to making this story even better. I found that I even learned a few new words! My opinion of this novel is that overall it is really well written and laid out. I love books that have a very intricate plot, just like this book. I hope that someday, you will read this series to go on the amazing and thrilling adventures of the Falling Kingdom series!

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