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True Love

Sometimes loving a lot of people means giving a piece of you to them. Eventually, some left and some stay. When they leave they take the piece you gave them with them. They don’t give it back. But, then you realize that there’s always that one person that...


On the Bedside

Although, this spine poetry brings your mood down. I find it leaves an impression so memorable, people will be able to connect. This makes it an effective poem that witholds all sorts of emotions. The poem I’ve created leaves imagery of a gloomy scene where a patient’s love...



I thought this was a really cool book spine poetry because it had some action, mysteries…


The Quest Begins

After surveying the books in my room I came up with this short little poem. It’s meaning can be found in the eye of the reader.



This photograph shows the beauty of words and its meaning. The poem produced showcases the meaning of loving someone unconditionally.


If I Stay

I found myself scanning my own personal shelves of books, looking for titles that would work together. I think this poem speaks to adventure, and life. But it’s so beautifully simple. That’s what I love about it. It’s simple.