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Explosive Gold

I love photography and wanted to see if I could get a good picture of fireworks that I saw. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the picture I got.


A Natural Splash of Silver

I love trees, forest, and all things nature. When I was walking with a group of my friends, I saw this forest with the path going throughout the middle of it and saw an opportunity for a beautiful picture. I decided to add a light-coloured gray-scaled filter to...


In the garden

I love taking pictures of flowers. They really are one of the best models. Each one is individual, colourful and beautiful to look at. I like this picture in particular because of the colour contrast between the flower itself and the greenery in the background. The depth of...


Fairy Trail

Every spring we walk down this little hidden trail at the campground by our cottage. As you walk down the path, to your right is a small cliff face covered in deep green moss. You can hear every droplet of water from the melting snow dripping onto the...


Floral Lamppost

For a couple of hours during my trip to Ottawa with Experiences Canada, I simply sat on a bench near Parliament Hill, reading and appreciating the day. Although at that moment, being alone, I was too afraid of getting lost to explore and see more of our capital’s...


nature’s wonder

On this particular day, my family and myself were set out to go on a family outing. It had been a partly stressful morning, with trying to get everyone out and about. But somehow, walking among these exotic flowers, all of the anger, all of the troubles fainted...



Dogs are good pets. They are safe to have in your house but some people are scared. But this fake dog is really awesome.