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Category: Photography


Pretty in Pink

This amazing flower was spotted at my Grandparents cabin… It was so beautiful it just compelled me to take a pic of it!


First Star I See Tonight

Days at the cottage in the summer can produce some spectacular vistas and beautiful landscapes, but the night sky holds it’s own undeniable splendor.


Tomato for your troubles?

I once heard that sunlight is the best light. Documenting your life on the internet seems to be what everyone does in this age. Heres to starting off the day right! I can already feel the energy coming on in order to conquer anything.


Peaceful Tree

This is a beautiful tree in my backyard, and it is my favorite tree ever because it was there since I was a baby.


Alluring Sunflowers

I’ve always wanted to capture an up-close-and-personal picture of an insect. This was my chance! So I snapped the shot and added a filter to add to the alluring beauty of bees and sunflowers.


Our Human Rights

After spending the evening at the Canada Summer Games Festival, the night lights and new perspective of our city were so picturesque. The world recognizable architecture and form of the jaw dropping Canadian Museum for Human Rights was even more impressive in the evening. What a lucky city...