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Category: Photography


Iris Army

I took this picture because I wanted to focus on all the irises, not just one. It looks like a beautifully endless sea of irises!


Florida Hibiscus

I was in Florida for a trip and was walking down a path when I spotted this flower! So beautiful!


See the Outsiders

This book spine poem is asking people to see those who stand outside of the limelight and don’t quite fit in the mainstream mold of society. The metaphorical ‘night’ in this poem could be looked upon as any place outside of conventionality or popularity, and the outsiders who...


Flower Power

Poppies are unique and I love how they appeal to the eye and pop out. I was driven to take this photo because I wanted to share the beauty of the poppy with others.


Purple Beauty

I snapped this shot because I thought the flower was unique! I had never seen it ever before and I was stunned. I took the picture and it was just overflowing with colour, but it was too many colours that were too bright. So, I added a filter.


Pretty Poppy

I saw the poppy in our garden and took a picture of it. I only captured half of it because I thought it looked more unique.



I was at Lower Fort Garry as was enjoying more than just the buildings. There were some lovely wildflowers in bloom. I tried a new filter setting on my camera I had never used before.