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Category: Photography


Shining Through

With the sun in the background I decided to take advantage of the beauty and be creative! It took me so many tries to finally capture this picture but it was worth it!


The End of the Rainbow

What happens when you find the end of the rainbow? Is there a pot of gold? A leprechaun in a green hat? A unicorn wearing a feather boa? Whatever you find at the end of your rainbow, I’m sure it will be magical.


Ancient Rome

In Rome, the temple where the Vestial Virgins once lived now only has three pillars, but to me looked so amazing with the clear blue sky, and just knowing that this is thousands of years old is mind-blowing!



The glow from the buildings combined with the colourful August sunset lends an ethereal quality to an otherwise plain downtown skyline.


Fairy Tale Path

While in Banff, we went sightseeing and walked up and down very cool paths and stairways. The angle of the sun shining on the pathway looked cool, so I snapped this picture.


Bee Beautiful

I saw them buzzing around the flowers while in my backyard and thought “what a wonderful picture.” The colours clashed on the screen when I reviewed it so I put the fade on it.


Open for Adventure

Open roads and new friends. This summer I have dived headfirst into new and scary things, and as I look back I don’t regret one of them!