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The flickering golden face watched Luce, She wanted to continue focus more. Luce wasn’t ready, Her body dropped in confusion. She didn’t understand. Still emerging, She recognized the golden sea, Devoured by her song.



Actually this is blackout poetry. Sometimes we can’s leave the past behind…

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The Wanderer

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who suffered depression years ago. Through this poem, I want everyone to realize that there is a difference between being depressed and being sad. Telling them to “get it over with” or to “stop being emotional” will not help; what they need is to know that we are here for them.Throughout our lives, there are times wherein we have to make huge decisions and sometimes, our judgment can be clouded by our emotions.

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School is a great place to be, but sometimes, it’s just too much. In the perspective of a high schooler, the amount of work given to students can really, really have a big impact on them, and it needs to be taken into consideration.

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I Shouldn’t Have Fallen For A Gamer

This poem is a unique combination of heartbreak and video games; the mixed emotions you feel when heartbroken are all expressed through video game references throughout the poem. The target audience are obviously gamers because there are different references throughout the entire piece that only they can understand, although some are very general and most can probably pick up a few. Hope you enjoy!

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Love is perceived differently by different people; you can love someone romantically or you can love someone platonically. Either way, it’s love.

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Take Me

Falling in love with someone is easy — finding out whether or not you’re destined to be together, however, is hard. And it’s so inexplicably painful when you find out you can’t be with that person. This poem is about loving someone who is unattainable, expressed through the metaphorical use of a girl looking at the sunset over the ocean. This is my attempt at writing a Neruda-esque piece!

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Loyalty Of The Dragons

Mountainous monsters, Sizzling Creatures Crisp burnt ash, makes dragons ask ‘Loyalty, perhaps?’ Made of ice, to have creatures flight Darkest corners of the earth, Warmest blood of the hearth. For thus dragon, burn the wood, Fuel our fears as we try to be piers. Such dragon will burn,...