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The Parting Glass

In a dystopian society that has been devastated and ravaged by the relentless greed of consumerism, Harper is faced with an inescapable apocalyptic fate. As she says goodbye to all she has ever known, will it be society that determines her destiny, or will she take matters into her own hands?


Collateral Damage

Based on real events, an interview with a Syrian refugee family and how the civil war in Syria stripped the childhood away from twelve-year old Omar after witnessing death, destruction, and the will to live.

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Writing a Fandom

Jess wanted to be a writer her entire life, but she always felt that she couldn’t get a story published until she was an adult. Then one day, she wrote “the one”. Would she manage to get it published?

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A short story about a REAL issue that’s going on right now. Animal Abuse.

Animals are abused for entertainment all the time. And its not something that should be supported. Animals feel pain and love just like people do.

Eating animals is wrong. You wouldn’t eat you dog. So why would you eat a chicken or a cow?

All living things feel pain.

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Good-byes Are Never Good.

Good-byes are never good. I never understood why they were called “good-byes” in the first place.
But then he left. He left, and never came back.
And maybe… maybe it was for the better.
This is an excerpt of a larger story I’m writing. Ironically, it’s the beginning of the story; it’s purpose is to highlight themes of loss and sorrow through a couple having to part.
Good-byes are never good. You just have to deal with it.


Memoirs of a Madman

You all know shakespear’s classic tale of maniplution and misunderstanding; Othello and the tragedy that ensues when amatures play the deadly game of thrones. Now imagine that the entire story is veiwed through the eyes of venemous snake Iago…
Alone in the dark lays a prisoner awaiting his fate, in the gloom a voice prompts him to share his tale of the days when he was a free man….

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Dear John

Dear John letter; n. a letter from a woman to a man, especially a serviceman, terminating a personal relationship.
As they say, all is fair in love and war.