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The Guitar that Sang My Mother’s Song

I remembered the days my mother took me out to window-shop. I would hum and even skip instead of simply walking by her side. I held her hand often with a loose grip, always letting go quickly as I ran to push my nose onto the shop windows,...

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I’m Not a Myrmidon

A story to confound all love stories, all stories about freedom of thought and straying from the herd. What it’s really about is up to you…

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Following the Water

This is my short story called “Following the Water”. It’s about a boy who runs away from his cruel uncle’s home, and ends up lost in a forest. He meets a group of kids around his age, but when Kenneth thinks he may have found a sense of home, the worst possible person shows up.

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Two Words

Two words. Two words changed my life. How? Well, my name is Hailey Brooks and I want to share with you how two little words changed my life.

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A runner’s course

“Success in life comes when, you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure and loss only act as MOTIVATION.” ~Anonymous
This is a first person narrative on Tom Longboat, who was a runner but came over many challenges to do the thing he loved.

The beautiful meadow wolf - koyot in Yellowstone national park

Raised With Wolves

Nirvana’s life isn’t exactly how she wants it to be — she only wants happiness and peace of mind. When her mother goes to visit Nirvana’s Aunt every week, she’s forced to deal with her cruel cousins who do nothing but torment her. But see, she will not tolerate this behavior any longer; she has had enough with their relentless assaults. Now, it’s time to fight back and take a stand. Now, it’s time for the hunters to become the hunted.


Finding Harmony Amongst Dissonance

Coming out as gay is hard enough as it is, but what happens when you belong to a Mennonite church? On Andrew’s sixteenth birthday, he plans on revealing his secret to his parents. But what if they don’t accept him? Will God?

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Some people are just not accepted. Some people struggle to be themselves around the people they grew up with. And some people are unlucky when the person you love is not what you think they are.

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Dragons Of Cainaah

The water dragon growled, facing her most feared enemy…..Queen Jasper of the Cyarin Sisters. Her fear washed over her in thick waves, black masses stretching over the sky. The unfortunate water dragon knew what would happen, so did this heck of a queen. This ‘Queen’ was nothing even...

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The Girl With The Visions

Mariana Karine Mahogany is a 15 year old female with schizophrenia and she has visions everyday, and She’s sent to Loraine and Daryl’s home for the Mentally affected. The teenager sees Demons, Poltergeists and Ghosts. When she arrives at the ‘home,’ there’s several others there. There’s 4 boys and 3 girls. Each have a different story, but one stands out above all the rest. What happens when all hell breaks loose and people start having weird experiences? Broken bones and dead animals and near death experiences.