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Book Review: Diary of a wimpy kid double down

doubledownDiary of a wimpy kid double down
by Jeff kinney
My rating for this book: 3 stars out of 5

This is what I thought about the story. My favorite thing in the story is when Rowley gets stuck in the tree and becomes viral. Somethin that makes it unique is the characters. If I could change one thing I would put more action and adventure. This book reminded me of big nate because of the school consept.

I related to Greg because I used to think I was the main character in the world. He is more interesting then other characters in other book because of how he treats Rowley and what he thinks of middle school. A good about the characters is that they are funny, a bad thing is mostly about Greg towards Rowley which is mean and another bad thing is that they are not that intelligent.

I think the author just yoloed this book because there was not just one big thing instead there was many small topics. I would say someone that wants an easy quick book to read that would make lots of people laugh.

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