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Book Review: Jurassic Park

jurassicJurassic Park
by Michael Crichton
My rating for this book: 4 stars out of 5

I love Michael Crichton, and this book is his best by far! The only Michael Crichton even close is Dragon Teeth, which I will write a review about next. This book, like all of Michael Crichton’s works, is the most original and amazing book I’ve ever read! It was made into a movie that is more famous than the book!

The character that is most relatable is Tim. I only say that because my brother is the biggest dino fan ever, only Tim is much older. I do not find other characters relatable.

John Hammond is a multi-millionare who buys amber with dino DNA in it. He creates an amusement park with live dinosaurs in it. He invites 2 paleontologists, and a person from the chaos theory to the park. But the dinosaurs escape and reek havoc on the island. A thriller that anyone will enjoy.

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  1. Indiana Jones says:

    Sorry, Dragon Teeth review still in the workings.


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    For more Michael Crichton, like this review!

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    Tough crowd

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    Done Dragon Teeth, check it out

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    Got some art coming as well

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    Going to draw some Snoopy n’ Woodstock

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