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Book Review: Maze Runner

mazeMaze Runner
by James Dashner
My rating for this book: 4 stars out of 5

Maze Runner is a book made into a movie. Both of which are amazing by the way! Thomas is a teenager thrown into a maze with multiple other teenage boys. Newt, Alby, and Gally are comfortable with their life in the maze when Thomas and then Teresa a day later are brought into the maze and change everything! This book reminds me of Hunger Games in almost every way!

Newt is my favorite character in the book and movie. He is almost always cool and collected and a great leader! Thomas is an unconvincing character. One good thing is that all the characters have a personality, the bad thing is that even though Maze Runner is a third person story, it is written like it is first person.

I have read this book once and it is waiting for me to read it again. Everyone who liked Hunger Games needs to read it again.

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