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Book Review: The End Of Fun

end of funThe End Of Fun
by Sean McGinty
My rating for this book: 3 stars out of 5

My favourite thing about this book has to be the way it’s written. I enjoy seeing things from the perspective of Aaron O’Faolain; a seemingly care-free seventeen year old who’s grandfather has left him a trail of clues leading to buried treasure. I think it’s relatable and witty the way he thinks and acts and I like the romantic subplot, it’s realistic and sweet at the same time.

The main character in the book, Aaron O’Faolain is a seventeen year old boy who’s run away from his family to live in San Francisco. Where he proceeds to have FUN®. FUN® is a chip that is implanted into your brain that lets you accept offers and play games to earn, well money essentially. Throughout the book you begin to see that FUN® isn’t all that fun, as the program pretty much enslaves you. It’s all quite morbid really, but I like it. I like that Aaron is real, I mean like, he’s the type of person you could encounter in real life. East to relate to. I like him. It makes you focus more on the story which has you turning the pages until the book is finished.

Overall I thought this book was interesting and funny, I definitely think people should give it a read. If nothing else it’ll start a few interesting conversations with people. I think anyone could enjoy this book, it’s quick simple yet the premise is very interesting and quite dark. I’d recommend it.

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