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Book Review: The Hat Trick

Hat TrickThe Hat Trick
by Tom Earle
My rating for this book: 5 stars out of 5

I finished the Hat Trick last week. The book was wonderful. This book is unique and special because real live events take place and that really explains the hockey game as if you are there. My favourite part of the book was when Ricky decided he would make a comeback into the big show. If I could make one change to the story, I would explain his father, Darryl’s life as a hockey player a bit more before starting Ricky’s career. This book reminds me of another book by Tom Earle called Home Ice Advantage. It was the same writing style with the same book topic.

The main character of the book was spectacularly explained. In a way, I related to him in like and dislikes. This character is rather interesting than the other books’ main character because this main character is described better and he has a real life personality and not a fiction. A good thing of Ricky (the character) is that he is caring and kind. I don’t like how his attitude changes between the book and becomes a regular man.

I will for sure read this book again. Anyone who likes hockey or any other sports but I would recommend grade 4 and up. The book is a quality read and a great time pass to read.

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