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Book Review: The Kite Runner


The Kite Runner
by Khaled Hosseini
My rating for this book: 4 stars out of 5

Throughout the novel, The Kite Runner there was a strong delivery into getting to know and understand the characters. It’s important to mention that traits were well fit into character’s personalities to enhance the connections made with the reader. A major Trait that shone through was courage.

The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini has strong character personalities. Having this trait a part of their identities added a sense of charisma to them. I think these characters can act as role models to readers to inspire them that there is always room for self improvement, to be your own person, and that with great sacrifice comes great success.

Courage is the ability to gather strength in a situation where you feel you need to go through a level of difficulty while facing it. Hassan displayed courage from the very start of the novel, beginning from ever since he was young. As the reader got to know him, other characters also noticed his admirable acts. “But perhaps you didn’t notice that I’m the one holding the slingshot. If you make a move, they’ll have to change your nickname from Assef ‘the Ear Eater’ to ‘one eyed Assef,’ because I have this slingshot pointed at your left eye.” (page 37, Hosseini) At this time Hassan and Amir were being intimidated by the neighbourhood bullies. The fact that Hassan is out numbered, smaller, and is of lower status, it is remarkable how Hassan stands up to them in this matter. I`m sure there are a lot of people who have had a similar experience like this and weren’t able to act so boldly, whether it was of a movie scene or a personal experience. To those people who have lived or witnessed something of this sort and read this section become astounded on how Hassan takes control considering his position.

Courage isn’t something where it is a tie breaker to whether you have it or not but something where you can learn and build on to further improve oneself. This theme can be brought to the reader by Amir`s actions. He becomes a character who is worthy of being labeled as a hero. Imagine that in your home country evil, destruction, and murder is present daily. Despite your knowledge, you push yourself to return for another person’s well being and future. Amir returns and searches for Sohrab even after witnessing torture, abused power, and poverty. He visits an orphanage and finds out he was taken by someone who has influence on the country’s current state. Amir still takes it to the next step and goes to arrange a meeting with them. In my opinion, this has to take all the courage you have along with other traits such as being ambitious and brave. As a young boy, what was thought of Amir by others was that he was going to grow up as someone who would not be able to do anything when a tough situation crossed him. What Amir has proven is that what people say about you does not mean that it defines who you are. Everyone is capable of blossoming in anything they desire.

I think people who would be a perfect match into reading this book would be anyone who wants to feel a deeper meaning from what they read. Scouting for some life applications and lessons? This book will open your eyes as well as tug at your heart strings.

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