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An escape

I didn’t run for fun,
Nor competitively.
I ran when my words didn’t come out right and my tears were streams
I ran when I wanted to escape my fears
And when my conscience haunted me.
I ran when school drove me insane.

I ran to be in shape to prove them wrong
I ran to learn that there was life outside technology
I ran to feel alive,
Even when it felt like everything around me was dying.
I ran to feel unstoppable
I ran to feel numb, so my thoughts would hurt less.

I ran because I wanted to escape
I ran because I wanted to go to a place that I didn’t know of,
A place that didn’t know me.
Until my legs felt bloodless and as weak as a toothpick,
An exploration of the world itself
But I hope
The world is ready to explore me.

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