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I know my skirt is short,
but my dreams are big.

I want to do a lot of things,
but I don’t have a choice;
people judge and they call me a monstrosity.
How many more people do I have to explain this to?
I don’t want to give up my dreams for you.

I’m tired of your taunts,
so I guess I will say it today;
Yes, I am characterless.

I was told that shyness is the best piece of jewelry for a woman.
That’s right, shyness is the best piece of jewelry for a woman that society has to take off every single day.
Soon enough, this will be in the headlines and there will be candle marches for the victim.
Holding a candle in his hand, the rapist will be there too but you wouldn’t know because you’re too busy pointing out someone’s cleavage.
So I will say it today just to make you feel better,
Indeed, I am characterless.

That V-neck is so deep,
she must be sleeping around and it won’t hurt if I try my luck too.
These are the words of some men today.
Wait no-
I apologize, these are the words of some boys today because a man would never even think this way.

You know what,
we have to put a stop to this.
If you are one of these boys,
then here’s the sad truth
you’re not cool, you’re not a man.
You’re just a guy that’s afraid of getting rejected.

But I’ll say it just to massage your ego,
I am characterless.

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