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I Shouldn’t Have Fallen For A Gamer

I shouldn’t have fallen for you, gamer,
But I guess it’s too late now.

Bit by bit we drifted away,
wanting to explore different worlds and go our separate ways,
Trying to level up in reality,
where you can’t manually press the reset button
but you can try to restart broken relationships
and ascend to higher ranks of accomplishment.

You’ve tried to play our game
and there’s still progress saved
even though you quit in the middle of a stage,
but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try it again
because we can fight through this ’til the very end.
And DON’T PRETEND that you don’t want to.
Because I know you do,
and I want to try too.

You don’t know how much pain you’ve put me through
nor do you know how far I’d go with you
And neither do I because the boundaries of my love seemed to be gone
the moment you spawned in front of me on that day.

On that day.. that day, does it even matter what day it was?
An NPC in my own game, I relive that day over and over in my head;
Dialogue being resaid and actions being redone
from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed
and I know I should push you away
but I keep you close to me instead–
Just like your enemies.

I know you’re not good for me;
a poison that I’ll die from if I don’t have the antidote
but what am I supposed to do if you are both?
Both the darkness and the light,
both the dragon and the knight
You’re the sniper aiming hundreds of meters away from the target on the site
and you’ve shot me right through the heart.

Collapsing to the ground, I guess you weren’t finished,
because I heard another gunshot far off in the distance;
a headshot to my thoughts
and you left me lying there bleeding.
You were able to destroy every fibre of my being.
You’re manipulative and deceiving.
You tricked me into thinking
that I was THE ONE for you.
And call me stupid, but I still think it’s true.

So have fun exploring the other worlds unknown.
You benched your best player
and now you’ve got to play alone.
And I hope you realize how many times I’ve died for you
despite all your stupid commands I was programmed to do.
I hope you realize how much you’ve lost,
but I also hope you know what you’ve gained
because experience is how you learn best in this world
and would you look at that; your XP bar is almost full.

You’ll level up once again,
and I’ll be there to watch you when
you go through even more greater things in life;
unlocking more achievements for a career that you’ll love and
finding power ups to motivate you, like maybe your future wife.

It’s killing me slowly because…
We complement each other like a skin on a champion
and we’re capable of reaching the Challenger tier
But we kind of choked in this game
and we surrendered in shame.
But just know that that doesn’t mean we’re over for good.
It was just one game out of many; I would play again if you would.

I shouldn’t have fallen for you, gamer
but because of you, I have emotionally grown stronger
and I told you that I was better off as a fighter
but I’d bring myself to support you when you need to feel lighter
and lift things off of your chest;
I’ll be there at your worst and your best,
and please trust me when I say this.

I ran out of time; I guess I failed my mission.
I said all that I could, gamer, I hope that you listened.
And I know that in your heart, gamer, you have me saved,
So I’ll leave you alone for now, gamer; GG well played.

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