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My Heart

I wake up to the howling winds of winter,
Fifty below is not the worst I’ve seen.
I walk the heavily salted streets of downtown,
Searching for our missing sisters.
I nod to jersey-wearing Jets fans,
Shaking their heads saying “there’s always next year”.
I pass cars making the trek to our prairie neighbour,
To fuel the never-ending football rivalry.
I shovel other’s winter barricaded driveways,
And accept no more than hot cocoa in return.
I sleep through the night,
Our rich history playing in my dreams.

I wake up to the sticky air of summer,
The winter months seem far away now.
I walk the historic roads of our ancestors,
Learning with each step I take.
I nod to festival goers,
Enjoying the music at the Forks.
I pass murals I’ve never seen before,
And see our artist community growing.
I spread colourful towels on the beach,
At one with nature in cottage country.
I sleep through the night,
Our bright future playing in my dreams.

My name is Winnipeg,
And I am Canada’s heart.

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