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Peace means remembering others and remembering who fought for us in the war.
We have the right to vote, it does not matter if you’re a boy or girl.
Peace is safe.
Peace is calm.
We have the right to be comfortable.
We have the right to be in school.
We have freedom to move to other cities.
We have freedom to go to work.
Canadians are allowed to go to church.
Canadians are allowed to speak in any language.
We can marry anyone we want and live with anyone.
We are not afraid of getting shot from war.
Canadians are friendly.
We are friends with many countries.
It is safe to go outside at night.
It is safe to go to school.
It is safe to talk to anyone.
I can shop in any store.
I am a girl.  In Canada I can drive a car.
It’s peaceful in Canada because it’s quiet.

— Chasity

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