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You were just like the sea.
Every person you would meet
waded knee deep
in your gentle blue waters
frothed with foam,
and enveloped in laughter.

If they were lucky enough,
you would sweep them away
in your raging waves
and they’d be happily carried off
in your infinite,
pulling current;
surging with brio and bravado.

You were just like the sea.
Before we knew it
your tide pulled out,
and all too soon you were gone.

You left us looking into the horizon,
Watching, as you went farther away.
The only pieces of evidence
you left for us to recover
Was the jagged bits of sea shells
strewn about the empty beach.
They gave us bright red cuts
that covered our
pruned palms
as we gathered them.

2 Responses

  1. Indiana Jones says:

    That’s an ok poem.

  2. crystal fire says:

    really nice poem


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