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When I tell people that I love school,
But hate school,
They look at me like I’m crazy.

Because see, school is a place of learning;
School is where you interact with teachers and other students
To learn about the past,
The present,
And the future
Of the world we live in today.
We learn about literature and theories in English class,
New ways to solve problems in Math class,
Do calculations in Science class
And discuss about our country in Social Studies.
School is a magical place of passing down valuable knowledge to the young
And debating about it with the old.
THIS is the reason why I love learning with all my heart
And I am dedicated to learning.

“But why do you dread going to school?”
“Why do you dislike school when you love to learn?”
THIS SYSTEM is the reason why I dislike school;
This system that says students need to do tons of homework everyday as part of their courses
As if giving students hours worth of homework equals gaining more knowledge
Which somehow equals better grades and therefore a better future.
But how can that be?
How can that be, when you’re given so much homework you have to stay up until late night to finish it?
How can that be when you come to school sleep-deprived because of it,
Unable to listen attentively and think properly
For classes that you need to complete
With A+s to beat the competition
For earlier post-secondary positions and lower tuition?

How can that be, when this excessive amount of homework does you more harm than good?

Don’t get me wrong, I still do homework;
I still finish all assignments by their corresponding due dates,
But why is it that we’re forced to do so much everyday
When it only harms our well-being in so many ways?
Why is it that we’re forced to do an excessive amount of work
When it doesn’t benefit us in the end?

So the next time someone gives me a weird look for saying
“I love school,
But I hate school,”
I’ll give them a smile and say
That this system is messed up,
Because the reasoning behind
tons of homework equals better grades
Which apparently equals a bigger and better future
Is invalid in my mind
And doing more homework than I ever need to do
Is therefore nothing but a waste of my time.

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