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They’re all around us, darkly looming
In corners or alleys but always glooming.
They represent evil and fill up the night,
Making no promise but to give us plight.

We don’t like danger so we shrink back in fear,
Too apprehensive to ever go near.
Not of the dark, black shadows themselves
But rather of what they represent to ourselves.

But maybe we’ve all just become too old,
And lost the innocence that childhood holds.
The unwavering belief that fairies exist,
Or a true love’s story with a fairytale kiss.

For all children love to play and pretend,
And shadows become their closest friends.
The shadows in alleys become simple mysteries,
And all the more reason to make new discoveries.

You see, shadows aren’t just robbers of light,
And when you see one you needn’t take flight:
For though they’re foreboding and hide ‘most anything,
I’m sure everyone has seen one that’s amusing.

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