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Sleepy Nights

-by Kerri

I’m tired.
That’s what I say when I’m sad, actually tired, and for every other dreary emotion I feel.
All I have are my books to help me sleep.
My Hazel Grace, and Augustus who show me there’s more to life then an illness
My Margo Roth Spiegelman, who shows me that sometimes leaving something behind is what you have to do
My Home for Peculiar Children, for where I truly fit in.
My little boy in striped pyjamas that brings me comfort in the things I have and appreciate them.
My Katniss, and Tris that help fend off my particular demons.
My Bella and Edward, that show me that love is endless no matter with whom it may be.
My Rose, who shows me the real monsters are people.
My Clary, who shows me new worlds and wonders never seen before.
My Bilbo Baggins, that teaches me that sometimes you just have to take a chance and you’ll have the adventure of your life.
All I have are my books to help me sleep.
I like it that way.

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