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Stir Crazy

A psychological condition referring to a person or thing that has become mentally unbalanced due to prolonged confinement.

The phrase was first used among inmates in prison. An inmate would become restless and display high levels of anxiety, frustration, agitation, fidgeting, manic depressive mood swings, and episodes of acting out violently or antisocially. The longer the inmate stayed inside his cell, the worse the condition would become.


The planet on which we live.

A small ball of dirt, keeping us prisoner with many forces. Atmosphere. Air. Water. Food. Many good reasons for us to stay in our tiny biome.


The Year 2016.

350 Million people are affected by some form of depression. 10 times more than than the numbers in 1945.

10.8 percent of adults in the United States experience anxiety disorders.

3 in 30 children have diagnosed ADHD and the number grows every year.

The world population has grown from 5 billion in 1987 to an estimated 8 billion in 2024, a growth of 3 billion human beings, 81 million people per year.

The earth has grown to a size of 510.1 million square kilometers, an astounding increase of 0 km² since the year 1 BC.



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