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Take Me

I stand before the weeping ocean
That moans a wave-less goodbye.
Like the hush of nightfall creeping upon the horizon,
I whisper,
Take me

Away to a faraway place;
Reach out with your gentle hands and
Sweep me off of the ground,
And into the

Sky. I plead to you; Take me.
Let your smile illuminate the path,
Like a faint, golden light.
Bring me forward, forward
To the lands

Beyond the soft fields of your embrace,
Dancing to the pleasant sounds of distant birds in your voice
To the sweet, summer scent of your clothes,
And the tranquility of the ocean in your eyes.

Staring off into the distance,
I watch solemnly as the sun
Sets beneath the horizon.

And with the slight rise and fall
Of each sullen wave,
The ocean weeps once more
In silence.

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