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The colors i never saw

Life’s canvas is mixed with colors,
Like the beauty of nature with varied tinctures,
But some people who have precious eyes,
Don’t wanna see the nature open wide.

The colors are flying in the sky,
I wanna perceive their sigh,
Mankind discover this beautiful world,
But aren’t able to feel the pearl.

Humanity don’t reap the paramount of colors,
Ask the blind, the beauty they wish to discover,
They wish to standardize their lifestyle,
Ask a blind, who wants to see the butterflies.

We who spent our dark days in this radiant planet,
We are still alive but live in the vacant,
We lack the beauty from vibrant colors of all kind,
As when the sunrise and the sky are combined.

The glorious things you discern quotidian,
We cannot as you are blessed with vision,
Admire the anatomy of a tree,
Or how the waves whirl in the sea,

and pray forthwith that the sightless could see…

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