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“Why do you write?”, they asked
I sighed and stopped scribbling
Explaining’s no easy task
That’s why I stick with writing

I write because I can
It’s what I am good at
Just write, dont plan
Just find a surface that’s flat

I write what I cannot say
No matter how hard I try
Keeping my feelings at bay
Just enough so that I won’t cry

They keep telling me “It’s okay”
They say my mind needs a reset
“It will go away soon”, they say
But they haven’t met you yet

When you walked through that door
And you flashed me that smile
I knew then you’d mean more
Than just someone with pretty blue eyes

I write because of you
Not of depression nor attention
It’s a shame you never knew
In my works it’s you I mention

Because there I could express
What my voice fails to do
That heavy feeling in my chest
That is what I feel for you

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