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“William WATCH OUT!”. I duck before a sword could slice my head off. I raise my sword in an uppercut and I bring it down hard and fast towards the enemy’s chest. “Ahhhhh!” The enemy screams in terror noticing that his life just ended before his eyes. “Nice one,” says my friend Crow. I look around my surroundings I see swords clashing together and taunts from the enemies I see that the men on horsebacks has dismounted and was fighting their own battles with some of the enemy’s. I didn’t remember much but i do remember that we were just marching slowly towards the kingdom of Nova when we were attacked by these huge figures. “Die you human scum!”. An enemy rushes towards me with his club up high over his head. *Crack* “GET BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU FOUL BEAST!”. I see Sir Henry suddenly in front of me with his sword soaked in blood I look from where he came from there was dead bodies on the floor and none of them were moving. “RUN SOLDIER GET TO THE OTHERS!”. He shouts at me while holding back the enemy with the club. I start running after the others but then I stopped I looked behind me and I deeply regretted it. What I saw was nothing you would have ever imagined I looked in horror as my comrades fell to the ground some were still fighting but others lay on the muddy floor without any movement. Some were still trying to get up and escape but the enemy’s chased them down and stabbed them repeatedly before they can say something like “Please have mercy”. I looked towards the west where they came at us from the woods but as I looked there I knew that there was no hope I could hear them running towards us and i knew there were a lot of them rushing down from above. I then hear shouting from my left I see sir Henry with 8 other men running towards me. A man passes me and looks over at me and says “RUN YOU IDIOT RUN, THEIR COMING!”. But I still didn’t budge and that’s when sir Henry tackled me down before an arrow can pierce me in the chest. That was the second time he saved me but I didn’t have time to say thank you because he suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder and started dragging me with him towards the others and that’s when I blacked out.

I woke up with my back against a tree I see that there are about 22 men with us. There were tents and mini fire’s along the tree lines. “Where are we?”. I ask one of the soldiers that passed me. “Where in the northern parts along the woods”. He replies I nod and he continues walking towards his tent going about with his duty. A man with a battle ax hung over his shoulder and a face with a fresh cut by the lower part of his right eye walks by me “Sir what were does things?” I ask. He stares at me and says “They were monsters boy”. “What kind of monsters?”. “Ogres boy they were ogres,” He says with a grim face he then walks away. “Ogres!?” I whisper to myself. “How are there ogres in these lands?, I thought they were in the southern parts where the deadlands are,” I say to myself. I look off to the sky it was getting darker and I just realized that we weren’t just dealing with humans like us we were dealing with monsters and something far more deadly and that we needed to warn the other kingdoms as fast as we could or the human race will be extinct.

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