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Don’t be jealous and mean

Once an upon a time, in an old school a girl named Priya studied too much so all the kids in her school were jealous. One day Priya asked her classmates if they could be her friend they said you don’t have an iPod so you can’t be are friend. Priya was so mad while when she saw her report card it was all A+. All her classmates found out that she got all A+. Every single one of her classmate asked Priya she would like to be their friend. Priya said yes but those kids called her and would ask her for help in studies and homework. After a couple of months, she realised that the kids just called her for study help not because they were friends. Priya talked to one of her favourite teacher and told her what was going around but the teacher said if those friends are good friends they would talk to you at school too. Priya said that the kids don’t talk to her at school, they just talk to her at home on the phone. After Priya wouldn’t talk to anyone even if they called her on the phone so the kids realised that they were wrong. After a while, they said sorry to Priya for hurting and being mean to her she said it’s okay and made them all promise that they wouldn’t do that to any other student. They all became friends and helped each other in studying.

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  1. kaur.heaven says:

    If you ever get bullied tell an adult or a teacher

  2. kaur.heaven says:

    Dont be scared of some kids at school bully you stand up strong for your self.

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