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Dragons Of Cainaah

The water dragon growled, facing her most feared enemy…..Queen Jasper of the Cyarin Sisters. Her fear washed over her in thick waves, black masses stretching over the sky. The unfortunate water dragon knew what would happen, so did this heck of a queen. This ‘Queen’ was nothing even near to the highest rank. This ‘Queen’ was a devil, a ferocious creature that could burn your own mind, freeze your own scales, and a creature that could melt your own talons. Every inch of the water dragons life slithered away with every second. The older Cyarin sister hissed, mouth agape. Jaspers teeth were like shards of poisonous glass, ripping through your flesh. “Urrcchiin. Yoouuuu ffffailed meeee.” Jaspers voice was old and slithery, like a snakes. Urchin, the dragon cowarding below the beast protested “I did nothing of the sort. YOU were the one who caused all this chaos with the stupid war! YOU were the own to kill your family members, YOU were the one to tear apart families!”
“Guards!” and just like that, several dragons wearing golden armour barreled out of the sky, pouncing on Urchin. Claws ripped through her wings, claws ripped across her snout, and claws ripped across Urchins Underbelly. With a roar of fury, Urchin swung her tail, sending a ball of fire to go along with it. One of the fire balls hit one of the guards, burning their eyes and any unarmed scales. Jasper was furious, the madness and hatred radiating off of her scales. Just as Urchin swung her head to look at the eldest Cyarin Sister, a spear made its way into her chest. Wide blue eyes stared right at the dragon who speared her. “B-Brother?” another spear ripped through her underbelly. Roars of pain and agony howled through the air, and then ‘Snap!’ Urchins body went limp, dead. “So, Hurricane, I assume you feel sorry? who am I kidding, of course you feel bad for murdering her!” Hurricane hissed just before a spear was shoved into the male water dragons eye socket. Just another day for ‘Queen’ Jasper…..

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