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Dystopian Short Story

You open this door of imagination, on the other side is a whole other world. Of unimaginable things, that come true. A place where anything can happen at any time, you are now in the Moonlight village.

“Hey Chrissy I have a surprise for you come downstairs when you’re ready.” “All right just give me a second.” Chrissy pounded down stairs and tore open her present. “Hey mommy it’s a doll thank you so much, can I show daddy?” “No not yet.” Chrissy gave a little disappointed sigh but then went up to play with her doll named Abigail. A few minutes later her dad named Michael walked in. “What was all that racket?” said Michael “Oh nothing much there was just a doll in the mailbox labeled for Chrissy but it doesn’t say who sent it.” said the mother “ She doesn’t need another doll, just throw it out!,She already has more than we can count!” Mr. Wilson said. At that moment Chrissy exploded from her room because she found out her doll could talk “I am Abigail and I love you forever and ever.” Said the doll. Her dad was ferocious “I am Michael and I don’t like you at all!” “Michael , Michael calm down it’s just a doll.” However no matter how much Chrissie’s dad disliked the doll she loved it forever and ever until one day everything changed.

Later that night Chrissy’s dad took the doll from Chrissy and tried to destroy it. He used a hammer, saw, and drill, it was impossible to wreak. He cried out in frustration and flung the doll across the room which landed in the garbage bin. Suddenly the doll spoke, “I am Abigail and if you hurt me I will hurt you back!” Now Mr.Wilson wasn’t afraid of this talking doll at all, he laughed right in her face “you’re just a doll you can’t scare me! For nobody can scare me.” The next thing that the doll said made Mr. Wilson shiver and wiggle and scream “I will hurt you, if you step out of place it will not be good for you, we have eyes lots of them watching your family and friends, so don’t step out of line!”. Mr. Wilson ran from the doll as white as a sheet of paper, all he could hear was the doll cackling.

The next day Mr. Wilson went out to his garden and all his neighbors were talking about these dolls what were supposedly presents. Something fishy was up, so Chrissy’s dad decided to investigate further. After he had been in a deep conversation with his neighbour he bid goodbye and ran back over to his house.” Helena ! Helena come down here I have to tell you something” “I’m coming.” In a few minutes Chrissy’s dad explained to her mother that these dolls that were sent as presents are actually the government spying on you, and if you step out of line at anytime the dolls will hurt you. They heard Chrissy laughing with the doll and taking her out on picnics and having tea with her, but the doll wasn’t a real doll at all it was a spy for the government. A few hours later Chrissy had left the doll by her bedside and gone out to play with her friends. The doll slowly got up checking around her space to make sure no one was watching and hopped off of her night stand and on to the floor. She was a little unsteady at first but soon got the hang of how to walk. She quietly snuck downstairs and started to search for the parents. She found them sitting on the veranda quietly talking. The doll opened the door but since she was little it looked like a ghost. “Chrissy is that you?” No answer “Chrissy” No answer. “Boo it’s me,” said Abigail. The parents jumped out of their seat. Chrissy’s mom began to stammer “your, your j-j-just a doll, dolls c-c-can’t speak.” “Yeah well I can and you two know too much!” Chrissy’s parents looked at each other frightened and trembling like jelly. The doll spoke one last time “Remember stay in line and don’t spill the beans.” Chrissy’s dad finally got the courage and said “Stay away from our daughter or else I will hurt you!” And with that the doll skipped up the stairs and all they could hear was her cackling.

That night as the family was snug in their beds they heard an earth shattering scream. The neighbours lights flashed on and off for hours until suddenly the house went pitch black. The only sound they heard was an evil cackle. The next day in the paper was a column about what happened to the Robinson family it read:
Evil doll destroys the Robinson Family
Late last night Mrs.Robinson was sick of the doll talking back to her so she decided to do something about it. She tried to hammer it, drill holes into it, break it, she even threw the doll into the garbage bin but the doll refused to be broken so the doll broke the Robison family. There was also a note on top of Mrs. robinson that said “You’ve been warned.”

The same thing happened night after night house lights flickering and then going pitch black followed by the sound of an evil laugh. It took ten nights for everyone to die in the small village. People had been dying because they would get too wound up at the doll and try to hurt it. There had been a dome placed over the village so that nobody could run. Finally one night Mr. Wilson got too angry at the doll. All his loved ones were dead and he had had enough of it. He marched up to Chrissy’s bedroom and ordered her to get out of bed. Chrissy pleaded to her dad that he didn’t take out his anger on the doll but it was too late. He punched, hammered it, tried to drill it. The doll kept on saying over and over “I am Abigail and I would advise you to stop hurting me or I will hurt you.” When the doll said no more he threw it in the garbage and went back to bed. The next morning as he was coming down the stairs to eat breakfast the doll angled herself perfectly so he tripped and fell. He broke his neck and instantly died. The doll said one last thing “I am Abigail and if you don’t be nice to me I will hurt you just like I did to your father and Husband” The mother and daughter silently nodded knowing that if they wanted to survive they should just keep quiet.The next morning the sun rose, it was quiet and foggy the only sounds you could hear was the wind rustling and a quiet sobbing.

Now we all know that dolls can’t actually kill anyone, and that they can’t talk. But when children are in need of a friend dolls can be defenders and guardians. Dolls can become many things like Abigail in the imaginable world of the Moonlight village.

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