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It was regular day. The freezer was nice and cold, completely chilly. But everyone knew what time it was. The loud, evil footsteps came strutting towards our beloved home: The Fridge (also known as Iceland). You see, my name is Jacob McIce, and I am an ice cube. Our owner, Steve, sacrifices approximately three of us to make his sugary liquid (something called “Coke”) colder. We are grabbed at random, and no one knows who it’ll be next. The freezer door opened and a whoosh of warm air entered our chamber. I was in a generally safe spot: right at the back. But even then I squished myself up right to the edge of the freezer. Steve’s sweaty palm reached in menacingly and swirled around each of us. He first picked up Joey, my childhood friend and plopped him straight into the sugar acid. I could hear him trying to escape, but it was no use. He had already began dissolving. Next was Margie, Joey’s girlfriend. Everyone murmured in disappointment and Margie was carelessly tossed into the wretched glass. Joey’s legs were gone now. Time for what hopefully would be the last choice of the day. Steve’s palm slithered it’s way to the back. I shrunk down, tightly squeezing my eyes shut. I could feel him getting closer and closer. Then the unthinkable happened: his greasy fingers closed tightly around my middle. I could feel myself being lifted into the air. In slow motion, I saw the eyes of all my friends and classmates. He reached me over the glass and I saw Joey half-dead and Margie close to beginning disfiguration. I shut my eyes and waited for the acid to envelope me and…DING-DONG! Now, Steve’s hand was already majorly greasy and sweaty. The shock of the doorbell confirmed my fear. Me, Margie and what was left of Joey were sent plummeting down to the expensive tiled floor. Everything happened so quickly: millions of glass shards breaking all around us, the sugar liquid escaping everywhere, like a volcano spewing lava. I saw Joey and Margie slip and slide under an air conditioning duct, and I could feel myself turning, spinning everywhere. I was extremely disoriented. Then I was shooting into a place where ice cubes never come back from: under the fridge.

It was dark. I was losing moisture fast. What happened? I opened my eyes and everything came flooding back to me. “Oh no. No, no, NO!”, I said. I could hear Steve cussing a great deal. Then I saw a small sliver of light shining. I needed to get over there. There was hardly anything to grab onto so I decided to just slide and glide. Slowly and persistently I dragged myself over to the light. In the light, I got a better view of what was under the fridge. I saw a few scattered dust balls, a rubber band, and a popsicle stick. I could work with this. If only I wasn’t feeling so weak. I managed to loop the the rubber band around my torso. The popsicle stick was a launch pad. I took a deep breath and shot myself across the room. The air blew in my face as I saw the ground under me. Then I began approaching the counter top with startling speed. I thought I could make it on but I ended up just missing it and ricocheting off the edge of the counter top. The freezer door was still open!! I was soaring, flying into the cold air. I hit the back of the freezer just in time. Steve was back. “You know what? Screw this! I need to lose some weight!”, he said to himself. He slammed the freezer door right in our faces and we never saw Steve again.


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