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Just Another Human

Betty Planet was the most incredible place to be in the entire galaxy; humans were forbidden to visit or even see it due to the barrier Queen Betty created. She created the barrier because she saw that on earth, human beings were the reason why the earth was so dirty and polluted. On Betty Planet the things living there were animals and nature. Even some of the animals that went extinct on earth like the giant moa and golden toad still inhabited Betty Planet.
Queen betty was celebrating her thousandth year of success for ruling the planet. The animals all helped to gather food for the celebration; it was their way of giving thanks to Queen Betty for letting them live comfortably. The celebration was held on the most beautiful day that was hosted at the Time Tree; it was called the Time Tree because every year a new branch would appear to indicate a passing year. It was almost time for the celebration to start. The animals quickly found their way to gather around the tree. Queen Betty gracefully flew down with the assistance of some pigeons. All the animals cheered, signifying the queen’s arrival.
As she stood before them with poise and elegance the planet shook along with a loud noise coming from behind the Time Tree. It was a space shuttle that had crashed into the planet. The animals slowly approached the space shuttle and waited for it to do something. The door of the space shuttle slowly opened with the sound of compressed air escaping. There before them was an astronaut! The astronaut peeked out of the small opening and pushed himself out.
He took off his helmet and gear and was amazed by what he saw around him. The planet was filled with many animals you would never see on earth and the air was so clear and breathable.
The astronaut approached the queen and spoke “Who are you? Where am I?”
This was the very first time in a thousand years Queen Betty had spoken to a human again.
“You are on Betty Planet.” The Queen responded with hesitation. “How did you get through the Barrier?”
“My space shuttle got damaged on my way to Mars! I lost control of it and landed here.” the man recalled. “Let me introduce myself, my name is Manfred.” He ran around the Time Tree eager to discover more of the planet. “This tree could supply me with quite a bit of timber, and over there is a good spot for me and the Missus!” Manfred said talking to himself “This will be the NEXT PLANET!”
The animals circled around him to block his view, preventing him to look any further. The queen began to panic. This was the first time that the animals had ever seen the queen so rattled and anxious. With worrisome thoughts flowing through Queen Betty’s mind, she fainted. As she fell the pigeons caught her to break her fall, along with a gasp coming from all of the animals. The Time Tree’s branch for the year started to shrivel up and the entire animal community bowed their heads, knowing that from then on it would never be the same.
When Queen Betty awoke, the smell of toxic chemicals filled the air. The cold winds howled and ash whipped around at her feet. She quickly got up and looked around her. She was lying by a sea with trash scattered all over. She rubbed her eyes to reassure herself she wasn’t dreaming. Bones bobbed up and down on the surface of the water. She couldn’t believe it, there was no sign of life around her.
“Are there any plants, animals, humans? Anything!” Queen Betty cried out
She tried to walk but it was difficult. She had no idea where she was, or how long she has been laying there. She still walked hoping she would find something that could tell her where she was.
A tattered and torn piece of newspaper flew by. She caught it and read “President Manfred? More like Man Killer: The Truth Behind the End of the Second Planet!” Queen Betty retreated in shock and stumbled on something. Taking a closer look, she was horrified by what she had found. It was the Time Tree’s Stump. With what she had found out she told herself that she didn’t deserve her title anymore and was just another human who turned her back on their planet. She decided to wander around and look for any remains of her burnt down planet. What had happened to her kingdom that she once called home?

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