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Life of a Knight

Hearing the sounds of screams and swords clashing with each other is enough to make someone paranoid. But us knights are trained to withstand this. But even the strongest and skilled knights often get paranoid.

I look to my right side i see that there are soldiers standing guard with there heavy metal armor with their silver swords slung over their backs i see that the arrow bin is almost empty and that the archer’s have nearly used up all their arrows. I look to my left i see more men rushing around with water and food it was early in the morning and everyone just woke up. As i look farther along the wall i see that some of the walls are damaged by the cannons and ballistas that the enemy used two days ago but i know they won’t use them anymore because they used up all their ammo. The bodies of the fallen are proof that they used them right now we lost 30 men in overall and two of them were my friends from when we were kids. Everyone is all shaken because we were never expecting any attacks but good the enemy retreated back but i know they will be back. I hear the gate opening i look down and see 10 men on horseback riding towards the east. The east was where are ally the Doris empire was. I was finally feeling ok because i knew that are allies will come until i hear the horns and that’s when i knew that we had to get prepared again.

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