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Magic Chalk Cop

“Stop right there!” I yelled. “You know the rules to using magic chalk.”
“Who, me?” a man in a brown coat and bowler hat asks.
“Yes, you. Sir, you’re on probation. Everyone knows the rules to magic chalk. You broke rule 4.”

“Rule 1,” I continued. “No bringing any living thing alive with magic chalk. Animate things could be dangerous, or could be brought into the wrong habitat.”

“Rule 2,” I stated. “You are not allowed to bring anything dead into the world either. So, no ancestors, no animals, no plants, nothing.”

“Look at this, sir,” I said. “Objects that are safe are stuff like stuffed animals, toys, or books.”
I picked up a piece of magic chalk, and started to draw a toy train. It soon became 3D, and was ready to use. I then gave it to a young girl on the sidewalk.

“Rule 3,” I told the man. “You are not allowed to get food using magic chalk. Not one single morsel. It is not allowed.”

“And rule 4,” I said. “You ARE NOT allowed to use magic chalk to get money. By breaking this rule, the most important one, your probation will be for four months. Sir, next time you use magic chalk, please follow the rules, Good day to you!”

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