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The animals and creatures of the llama kingdom

Once in the time of mythical creatures and fairies there was a princess that was borned named Maralise. She was quite a nice girl, but her parents were just cruel. Her parents would beat creatures, torture them to death and hurt them!!! The magical creatures made a plan that when Maralise turned 12, she would be kidnapped for revenge. One day, Maralise finally turned 12. While she was walking in a castle garden, a large fire breathing dragon grabbed her!!! Maralise was shocked. The dragon named Oragon took Maralise to a deserted island with the other mythical creatures and locked her up. Soon Maralise felt at home. She asked the dragon ” Why did you take me here?” The dragon responded ” You evil humans have injured my wife and soon she’s going to die because of some peoples recklessness!!!” After that Maralise asked if she can see Oragons wife. The young girl placed some bandages and ointment on Oragons wife’s heart and suddenly it felt a lot better. ” May I please leave now Mr. Dragon?” Asked Maralise. ” I made your wife all better. ” Oragon replied ” Only if you promise that when you get back you will make a law that humans can never hurt creatures, vice-versa.” ” A promise is a promise.” said Maralise. So when Maralise got home, she made the entire world a better place.
The End

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