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The Girl With The Visions

He screamed, fear boiling up and escaping his death wounds. “Stop! I-I didn’t nothing!” The young adult was cut off as a knife plunged into the males lower abdomen. “You slaughtered my family, and now you’ll be in the same pain!”  Screams ricocheted off the stone walls. “Suffer, you putrid pig!” A different tone of speech shouted from the male “Mariana! Mariana wake up!” The voice was the same as the suffering boy, and his new tone was panicked “You Killed my loved ones!” With a quick and hard shake, The girl who was Mariana woke up from her vision, the same man was trapped under her weight. A knife rested within her hand; The knife had a little blood on it. “Markus? I-It h-hap-happened a-again?” Mariana quickly stood up, panicking. “W-Why does it keep happening?” Markus, Mariana’s friend huffed out with sadness “I think you need help. You’ve been having these visions for days, almost killed me 4 times in the last 5 months. My grandmother owns a psychiatric house for young teens suffering mental illness…” Mariana shrieked in anger “I don’t have a mental illness! I’m okay!” “You’re not okay, you need help! At this point, you can harm anyone!”

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