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Ode to The Odyssey

odysseyby Sophie H.,

No matter how old you are, or how old the story is, The Odyssey is a timeless classic that tells stories in a way that is accessible to everyone. The events that Homer details in his epic work have been retold through picture books, films, graphic novels, music, and countless other types of creative media. The stories are so universal anyone can adapt them and relate to them, despite being thousands of years old.

Some incredibly famous movies and tv shows reference The Odyssey. For example, the Cohen Brothers created a movie called O Brother Where Art Thou that is loosely based off of the events in The Odyssey. The Cohen Brothers said that they read one of the many graphic novel versions of the classic text. Lots of famous long running cartoons, such as The Simpsons, or the children’s show Arthur have done episodes as a parody of the original work. Tons of different references and allusions can be found riddled throughout popular culture today. Despite its age, the stories are simple, and have a simple message. The way we see a hero is similar to how the Greeks saw heroes. The excitement and adventure with stories such as the sirens or tales from the underworld have stood the test of time. Elements of the epic cycle, such as Odyseuss’s struggle with pride and personal desires over doing what’s best for the greater good. Although the our society has progressed significantly from Greek culture, the kinds of morals we live by are still the same. Our personal connection to a text that survived the collapse of ancient society can still be used as a guide for our lives today.

Homer’s epic words have continued to have meaning even into 2016. The stories told are so universal that they are referenced in anything from cartoons to major motion pictures. Our connection to The Odyssey has spanned over millennia, and will continue to exist as long as we, and our morality exists.

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