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Author: AshAllonsy


Expecto Patronum

This is some calligraphy art I made using ink and some paint. It was inspired by the Harry Potter series, and features the spell to conjure a patronus, as well as Harry’s patronus form, a stag!


Floral Lamppost

For a couple of hours during my trip to Ottawa with Experiences Canada, I simply sat on a bench near Parliament Hill, reading and appreciating the day. Although at that moment, being alone, I was too afraid of getting lost to explore and see more of our capital’s...


We, The Candle Lighters

It is rare that I write down my poems in the moment when inspiration hits. I wrote this quite quickly, but unlike poems I edit and spend time rethinking, this spur of the moment, automatically written poem holds actual meaning. It’s a look inside my mind when I realized that the time was an hour earlier than I thought, contemplating how to spend it, within the first aforesaid minute. I hope it makes sense to more than myself.

image of asphalted road and the blue sky

The Long Road

I wrote this poem during a long road trip this summer, where I would begin to feel bored and my mind would wander. Noticing everything rush past my window, I tried to follow them with my eye but everything was too fast, and that gave me the inspiration for this poem. Initially, it was written as literal thoughts, then developed into something more metaphorical that could be applied to multiple situations. Writing this poem, I never struggled to find the correct words to use, and it just really flows while maintaining the original meaning, which I am quite proud of!