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Author: c_2a5


Bee Beautiful

I saw them buzzing around the flowers while in my backyard and thought “what a wonderful picture.” The colours clashed on the screen when I reviewed it so I put the fade on it.



I had just taken a picture of a sunset and saw my shadow. I thought it looked cool so I snapped this shot.



Even though this isn’t the prettiest flower, beauty can be found everywhere. I decided to take this photo because I thought the flower itself was unique.


Simple Beauty

I painted this picture with watercolour. I want people to know that beauty is not perfection. Anyone and anything is beautiful. You just have to know and look for different beauty in different things.


Flute Keys

I had just finished polishing my flute and thought ‘that would make a great picture.’ It took awhile to find a good angle but it worked out!!


Patio Dirt

We were planting grass and some dirt spilled on the patio. I saw it at a cool angle and took a picture and it looked fairly eye-appealing.


Music Notes

I love music, and it’s like another language! The notes play on the page to create beautifully amazing melodies.


For the Love of Reading

I felt the colourless time was appropriate because it blocked out all the bright colours in the background. I took this picture because it was a cool shape and was linked with ‘love for reading.’


Summer Lily

I like to take pictures up close of nature (especially flowers). This lily was in my mom’s garden and the colours and beauty of the flower drove me to take a picture of the lily. I like to find different angles and this just seemed to be the...